Revolutionizing banking to meet the changing needs of today’s mobile first consumers




Today’s mobile first consumers expect instancy, convenience and transparency when it comes to mobilizing money or multiplying it. Banks are adopting mobility fundamentally, to upgrade the banking experience for customers. Lending today has become more peer to peer, new online platforms are on the rise, enabling people to easily find opportunities to borrow or lend.

78% of of CEOs support integrating with FinTech at the top levels of management.

61% of financial institutions say that more than 60% of their customers will use mobile apps at least once in a month to access financial services in the next 5 years.

57% of firms are unsure about responding to Blockchain technology.


Transparent and fraud-free banking, investments, lending and exchanges using Blockchain Technology. “Smart Contracts” present a new possibility of contracts managed by a software.
Example: Blockchain offers a highly promising solution for bringing transparency and minimizing fraud. This is something we see would become fundamental and mandatory, as online marketplaces and lending platforms are on the rise.

Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending, intelligent credit risk analysis and advice on lending risks & opportunities, “Smart Contracts” powered by Blockchain.

AI Recommendations

Recommendation engines that deeply know you as a person, your lifestyle and risks; and recommend the best investment solutions.