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Business Challenge

Embrace innovations produces “baby warmers” that can be easily wrapped around babies to provide warmth during the initial days of premature birth, when the likeliness of death is high. The warmer is currently distributed in hospitals where babies that are born prematurely, don’t get access to the regular incubator care. Given the internet situation in most hospitals in rural India – unavailability of wifi or a high speed internet, these warmers are unable to pro-actively stream baby’s health graph to the cloud and alert the doctor or nurse when critical parameters like temperature or breathing fluctuates and due attention is needed.

Embrace approached Codewave to eliminate the need for high speed internet, make actionable baby data available to the doctor / nurse at the right time, using BlueTooth technology (BLE) and Peer to Peer Wifi sockets. They needed to make the warmers, more pro-active with the power of wireless technology and notify the nurse or the doctor at the right time, who may have mobile devices not connected to the internet.


Codewave designed and developed the bluetooth solution for the baby warmers, which enabled the warmer to seamlessly send baby’s health data to the cloud using bluetooth integration (BLE) and convert the data into actionable insights for the doctor and nurse assigned to the ward. The doctor and nurse also had an interface where they could monitor the health of babies wrapped in the warmer and easily understand which baby needs most attention now. All this was implemented without any dependency on internet (wifi) using NFC and Bluetooth low energy.

The project required deep integration with the hardware (sensors) attached to the warmer, decoding of the sensor data, building security protocols and handshakes and translation into meaningful insights for the doctors who are taking rounds and for nurses who are supervising the ward all round the clock. Our engineers worked with the hardware team to make sure the data was being seamlessly streamed through all gates on the assembly line, from the warmer to the router app and to the cloud and then to downstream apps that were consuming that data.


Embrace baby warmers are today used by 300,000 babies in 22 countries, to maintain temperature
With the bluetooth (BLE) implementation, the warmers have the potential to pro-actively seek care, not just keep the babies warm
The warmers now have the potential to alert doctors and nurses for emergency, even when they don’t have network coverage
The solution brings high impact with low tech infrastructure, and is architected for scale

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