Data to Insights to Empathy. Enabling more pro-active patient care.




Healthcare with the power of technology, can enable healing from home, making patient experience more personal, transforming patient – doctor conversations and can deepen attention to wellbeing. Future would have more bed-less hospitals offering a part of their services virtually, this would also reduce operational costs and save the pain of traveling long distances.

83% of consumers are willing to share data online with a health system to aid in diagnosis and treatments for themselves.

73% of consumers are willing to share their data online to help in diagnosis and treatments for others.

58% of clinicians prefer providing a portion of care virtually.

E-Medical Records

Electronic health records, patient data integrated with lifestyle choices. Once health records are organized in one central place on the web, they can be accessed and interpreted in various occasions to provide a holistic insight.
Example: Health data used to simplify decisions on food, movement and sleep

PRO-Active Care

Wearables or sensors predicting health conditions, allergies or discomfort and alerting family members. When the pollen levels are predicted to be high in the region, the patient can be advised to take measures to prevent allergies.
Example: If the patient is an elderly or a child, dependent on other family members can wear smart devices that would share data with dear ones.

Virtual Service

Voice, Video, Touch based communication for patients from the convenience of their bed (be it hospital or home). This can help clinicians provide part of their services virtually and help patient communicate with family remotely.
Example: Interactive tablet app placed next to their bed, to ask for help.