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Business Challenge

The founding team of OyePaisa.com, approached Codewave to design and develop a web application that’s appealing to young tax payers in India (between 20 – 30 years of age) and that’s intelligently recommending tax saving schemes. The app was intended to take the user through a series of questions about the user’s lifestyle preferences, risk responses and their choices to save money for themselves and family to be able to churn out relevant recommendations.

The web app needed attention at various phases of development – 1) UI/UX of the app to illustrate simplicity and ease. The client team wanted to show beta users the screens as they were designed to get early feedback and improvise. 2) Algorithm for the recommendation engine. The client team had performed elaborate research on the logic for generating recommendations based on user input to ensure results were interesting. 3) Questionnaire flow and results. There was a lot of product thinking needed to nailing the questionnaire experience and making the results page useful.


Codewave designed and developed OyePaisa’s web app keeping in mind the simplicity and ease of use. This was a challenging project in terms of design – as ‘tax saving’ is in general considered a boring subject by young salaried individuals. The challenge was to make the user experience on the app, playful and light while creating a climate of sensitivity around saving for oneself and family. Another challenge was in developing the recommendation engine, making sure every user input was accurately factored into tailoring the next set of questions and ultimately the recommendations / results.

The app was expected to be built in 3 months, took about 3 – 4 months, with continuos enhancements based on feedback from beta users. This was one of our favorite design projects till date, as it required focused product thinking and closely listening to beta users. The app is now live on OyePaisa.com.


Market ready app launched in 3 months
Engaged closely with beta users, working in close feedback loops
Opened up great monetization opportunities for OyePaisa business

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