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Business Challenge

The Ministry of Health, Germany championed and funded a new initiative to improve healthcare in Germany, which opened up the Pain App opportunity for Codewave.

Codewave was approached to develop a simple, intuitive patient app, that would reside in a 10 inch android tablet next to the patient’s bed for patients (specially senior citizens), experiencing pain to be able to call the doctor in one touch right from next to their bed. Also a doctor app, a web application that would capture pain data and inform doctor’s reports to support decisions related to further course of treatment


Given this needed to be a robust, secure cloud based system we started with the fundamental architecture.

The patient application was a standalone tablet application customized at the OS level to boot up with the Pain App. The Patient, when in pain could call a doctor in one touch, paint the part of the body that is in pain and indicate pain severity through the app. The doctor application was a web app, that sync-ed up on a real-time basis with the patient data on the cloud via REST APIs. The doctor app was built to show analytics, insightful dashboards related to patients’ quality of life that helped them quickly prioritize which patient to attend to while taking rounds.The patient app was built to be offline compatible too, that stored data locally and automatically sync-ed when wi-fi is available. The doctor app had role based login for doctors, nurses, admins and super admins to cater to users performing various roles. Data security was achieved via AS 256 encryption and a tiny Yubikey.


The Pain App is installed in 68 hospitals in Germany today http://painapp.de/ enabling faster relief and improved healing for hundreds of patients everyday
The Pain App won the IT Innovation Award 2014, in the category e-health http://www.imittelstand.de/innovationspreis-it/2014

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