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Business Challenge

Alexis, a travel startup approached us for an initial AI based prototype, that recognizes travel intent and suggests relevant next steps. The problem statement was – search engines don’t always yield an answer, but merely aggregate and travel agents are often biased with their suggestions. The solution was to have an AI based app that would insightfully enable travel and make bookings simple. Alexis app would need to have an intent recognition engine that recognizes user’s input and responds with specific next steps, personalized for the user, keeping the user’s preferences in mind. The app would also need to proactively ask relevant questions if needed, to be able to provide a meaningful suggestion.


Codewave designed and developed the Alexis android app in about 12 weeks, enabling both text and voice recognition in the first cut. The app currently works for couple of languages – english and hindi (supporting various accents). The phase 1 development of this app involved integration with Google’s Voice API and training the AI engine to respond to popular keywords and phrases. When you say “mujhe dilli jana hai”, the app suggests flights, hotels and travel guides in Delhi. When you says “mujhe dilli mein hotel chahiye”, the app proactively asks few questions like – luxury level, duration of stay and suggests hotels. The app in the next phase will be integrated with OTAs and travel suppliers to enable bookings. There is also a roadmap for ongoing NLP (Natural Language Processing) development to further train the AI engine.


Enabled critical product pitches, demonstrating live “intent recognition”
Opened new potential for tier 2 cities and non-english speaking users, to use the app
Flexibility to integrate with live travel information for India – trains, buses and flights
Positive reviews from beta users and travel enthusiasts, media coverage

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