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Business Challenge

Lawmatters, a startup approached us to build an online marketplace that covers listing of lawyers, job forum for law students and freelancers and a virtual office where consumers could have private conversations with their lawyer and paralegal team for collaborating on their cases. The vision of the founders was to enable ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’, allowing general public (civilians) to volunteer and resolve disputes between two parties, given the burden on the courts is too huge to serve a country of a billion. The platform would need to enable consumers to find lawyers, paralegals, ADRs and law students who can help with their need and allow them to collaborate on the website or a mobile app. The public forum can be used to post jobs, job posters can reward incentives to professionals who have responded with a solution.


Codewave designed and developed Lawmatters.com, with lawyer listing, jobs forum and the virtual office for the phase 1 launch. This being our first project for the legal industry, we did multiple visits to law firms understand the behaviors of lawyers, paralegals and pain points that most law firms are facing today. One of the insights we gained was to enable “voice recording and sending” feature, as typing and drafting were one of the most common activities outside the court. After multiple scope iterations, we nailed on the initial feature set and executed the phase 1 of the project in about 5 months time. The web app and android apps are live. We crawled data from Government websites, to get the list of registered lawyers on the platform initially, so professionals signing up on the platform can claim their profiles.


Launched India’s first platform for ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’
Opened new opportunities for law students, interns who’re in need of jobs
Built the virtual office for law firms to be able to manage cases virtually
Enabled voice recording and share, to increase adoption by law firms

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