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Business Challenge

Small and medium enterprises are increasingly using chat applications like WhatsApp to communicate with their teams on a day to day basis. Especially in most sales teams, regional managers are often faced with a strong need, to share information or feedback to a select group of people in the team, without letting people in the group know who all received the message (similar to blind copy in mails) and handle replies privately.

Most apps today do not cater to an enterprise scenario where an admin or a manager can broadcast information to a large group and yet handle staff replies privately. Anand Sweets anandsweets.in approached Codewave for having a native mobile app designed and developed to fulfil above need for enterprises. They needed the app for both Android and iPhone.


Codewave was assigned the task of designing and developing the chat applications, including designing of the logo. We started with constructing the use cases, putting down all the user scenarios and acceptance criteria before developing wireframes. Once the paper sketches were drawn, we worked on detailing the visuals and user experience on android and iPhone.

While iterating on the designs, the development team prepared to implement the chat functionality; setting up the APIs required for push notifications and real time group messaging. In about 6 – 8 weeks we launched both the apps into the app stores.


Unique messaging solution for enterprises to better manage people and access to information
Real time messaging, designed for enterprise use, available at affordable costs

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