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Business Challenge

The founders of a startup, coming from a background in Psychology and Human Resources approached Codewave to design and develop an online platform that enables social emotional learning for children between the ages 11 – 18. This learning platform was expected to be a simple, easy to use web application for Parents, Teachers and Children to take an assessment (on Personal, Professional and Social characteristics and leadership learning) and get an insightful report on the child’s growth level / opportunities, based on the answers​.

The platform intended to be an insightful enabler of children’s holistic development in life, starting from an early stage, by giving access to information, tools, techniques and advice to mentors of the child (parents and teachers) shaping their critical feedback conversations with the child. The teacher would be ensuring the survey is taken by students twice a year and the feedback (from the report generated) is communicated to the child and parents for taking action. Client was looking to develop an MVP to go to schools by start of the new academic year.


Codewave designed and developed a secure, scalable and user friendly web application. The platform enabled parents, teachers and children to take an elaborate survey with psychometric questions and see results on how the child is performing with respect to multiple aspects of the child’s holistic personal development. On the report, parents and teachers could collaborate and add comments. Teachers could recommend actions based on the report (“Take the child to do yoga”), Parents could tick them off when done.


Market ready app launched in 4 months
Enabled the client to onboard influencers like education institutions to adopt the solution
The platform was architected and built to scale easily for multiple locations and be ready for high traffic

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