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Business Challenge

Bharat Light & Power approached us with a need to build a product focused on bringing intelligence to energy, for their customers with wind & solar farms spread globally. They were facing challenges in monitoring machine defects, efficiency loss and taking necessary actions to improve energy generation and efficiency. They had large amounts of data streaming in from the windmills, solar panels and energy farms from across the globe (each machine had a hardware attached to it that continuously broadcasted data to servers). However, the CXOs, Regional Managers and Field Engineers were unable to make sense of the data and take necessary actions at their levels or positions in their organization.


Codewave proposed to design and develop BLP’s product “Orion”, a suite of web apps designed for real time monitoring needs, actionable insights presented with rich visuals, simplified user experience, keeping mobility in perspective, for the first phase of the product. We started with understanding various users and user profiles to create role based experiences on the app. For example, for the CEO we gave a global view, with energy & revenue numbers and insights & conclusions at a global level. For a field engineer, we gave a farm level view with easy access to asset level details and defects associated with it. The app is built on AngularJS, so dynamic data appears on the screen without having to refresh the page. We are also designing a workflow tool which helps field technicians, office staff and regional managers to interact with others in the organization to act on issues faster and improve overall efficiency. The web app is completely responsive and can be used on mobile phones as well. In addition to this, we also did a quick app for smartphones with a web view of the app so users can start experiencing the solution on their phones and share feedback for further evolving the product.


New sign-ups for BLP, successful demos and active prospects
Curiosity among industry peers, sensitized to a new potential with technology
Successful prototype to aid BLP’s Marketing and PR waves to promote the impact of the product

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