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Business Challenge

Enquero.com was conceptualizing a new decision support system for enterprises that enables the leadership team to track all effort, across the board from vision to implementation. They approached Codewave, to have this application, completely designed and developed for web; starting with the MVP (minimum viable product) to acquire clients and investors. Enquero needed the MVP ready to market within 4 weeks, built on AngularJS, the most popular frontend framework to dynamically refresh inferential data, especially key graphs, charts & tables on the screen instead of reloading the entire page.


Codewave was assigned the task of designing and developing the app. We started with understanding in depth the product itself, it purpose and capabilities, pen profiles of the end customer through discussions with the product team at Enquero. Subsequently we created paper wireframes for each screen of the app, to visually illustrate our understanding of the screens, data representation, user interaction, flow and navigation before getting to visual design details. The key challenge in design was in representing entities that are not directly related to each other yet having some sort of an association.


Simplified data visualizations for an enterprise with real time data stored in complex forms
Faster data refresh, refresh within each section of the app without any page reload
Improved user experience and simplified decision making, with actionable graphs & charts

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