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Business Challenge

An education company, approached us with a clear problem statement – lack of access to latest insurance related information and tools for LIC agents, at times when it’s needed the most. Based on their observations, most agents fumbled when it came to quickly responding with latest information about the schemes, explaining returns and doing premium calculations, during their meetings. The company’s objective was to make use of technology to push latest, relevant information about insurance products to agents on their android app – which includes product videos, info-graphics and documents that can be shared with the client easily during the meeting. They also needed a means to stay in touch with their customers, easily through the app.


Codewave designed and developed an android app in 6 weeks, as Agents needed to be quickly equipped with simple, mobile friendly tools, to be able to sell insurance products better. We also built a customized admin app, for the company to be able to push updated content, notifications and control access to tools, agents would see on the app. We aligned the total project effort, to meet their 6 week go-to-market goal, enabling about 10k installs within the first 10 weeks of launch. The app also lets agents stay in touch with their prospects and customers, by sending personalized greetings via whatsapp, email and other social media channels. The app currently on Play Store has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, from about 10k active users.


Enabled 10k active installs within 10 weeks of app launch
Enabled instant access to latest content and tools for thousands of agents
Enabled quick agent onboarding, aligned with market goals and brought convenience at scale
Made it extremely simple for an admin to proactively broadcast product updates to agents

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