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Business Challenge

Clytics, an energy analytics company approached Codewave to build an energy monitoring and analytics solution, that tracks electricity consumption in a building and shares actionable insights to the building owners so they could save electricity and money. The solution intends to push retail outlets and commercial complexes, to save electricity with judicial use. The app would show consumption patterns, with respect to temperature during the day, so one can analyze how power consumption happens with varying temperatures.

Initially, the building owner would need to add an appliance that they want to monitor. Each appliance would have a sensor (hardware) attached to it, which would stream data into cloud through a router. The raw data fed from the appliances would then be processed by the app, interpreted into meaningful insights for the building owner to reduce electricity consumption.


Codewave designed and developed the clytics app for web and android, end to end from processing raw data from the appliances to interpreting data into actionable insights and showing data visualizations on the screen. The app had role based login for retail outlet admin who had outlet level insights and the business owner who had city level insights. For each store, the app showed actual versus expected consumption data, to help the retail owner align their consumption habits to what’s most optimal. The app also showed a leaderboard of all branches in the city so business owners can view branches that are consuming power optimally and ones that are not, and encourage all branches to consume judiciously.

Clytics team also had an admin app to onboard new outlets, add users and assign permissions. Data processing programs that required high computations to retrieve real-time data from appliances, process them into insights were built on Python. The app was architected for scale using DJango (python framework), to be able to handle high volumes of data every minute.


The solution is deployed in commercial outlets in Bangalore, and is bringing positive behavioural changes in people towards saving energy
Real-time insights push people to action, say turn on / off appliances during non-working hours which sensitizes people to use power judiciously
The app is architected for scale, and brings potential to be deployed at large number of retail outlets across the country, with low cost to scale

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