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Business Challenge

A Mumbai based SME, approached Codewave to bring their vision to life – an online learning platform for students preparing for board exams and competitive exams. Our in person meeting with the product owners early this year, led to a series of conversations, during when we elaborated the product features and the capabilities they needed developed in the first phase. Key feature of the platform was “Adaptive Learning”, where the platform takes the learner through a personalized progressive learning journey, where content is delivered based on the learner’s comfort & pace of learning.

Web and mobile apps for learners and subject matter experts (who would be assisting learners with doubts), first cut was expected to be launched in 4-5 months from inception. The apps had to be looked at from various perspectives for market readiness – usability for learners, subscription packages & restricted access to video tutorials, business model, transactions & payments and finally technology stack. Client team chose MERN stack for Web & ReactNative for mobile and an admin web app to support business operations.


Codewave designed and developed the online learning app for students, enabling the product to be beta ready in about 6 months from start. Learners can browse through various subjects and chapters, watch video tutorials or take different types of assessments. In the initial phase, the learner could use the platform to prepare for exams, diagnose their performance and identify areas they need to improve on. The platform was built on NodeJS backend (Read How Uber Uses Node.js to Scale Their Business ) and was technically challenging in many ways – like handling of dynamic adaptive learning, based on how the learner is performing at the end of every question – this needed elaborate algorithms to personalize content for each learner.


Beta ready product developed in 6 months, on track for market release
Enabled a team of content administrators to start on-boarding educational content and be available for doubts support

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