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Business Challenge

Yazmi.com was envisioning educating children in remote regions of Africa where internet is still not yet available, with the help of standalone tablet applications mapped to every child, fed with content from satellites. They approached Codewave for having a series of tablet apps designed which would allow children to take online quizzes and tests for various subjects to test their knowledge and understanding in each subject; view their time table and organize their day.


Codewave was assigned the task of providing designs for the suite of tablet apps for Yazmi; playing the role of a UI/UX partner. We started with designing the interface for children to take quizzes, with a simple timer running on top and a live score indication. The time table app was designed for students to view scheduled programs for the day, for the entire week and easily get started with a program. The EduPortal app was designed to manage applications and content for various grades.


Designed the first of its kind, tablet interfaces to transform education
Higher reach and impact, with increased number of children using the app
Improved teacher student engagement with digitization of academic programs
Improved quality of life and education experience for children

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